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Journal Entry: Tue Feb 22, 2011, 5:04 PM

:bulletblue: We modified only one rule. Just follow the :new: sign.

:bulletblue: This is a group founded on the concept of FOREVER. It's true that the main theme will be love, but you can interpret it in various ways. You can be highly delighted by a moment that will accompany you all of your life, by a scenery that will always be part of your being, by a sound that altered your senses and changed your perception for good, by a feeling that you never experienced before and you want to keep with you for eternity, by all you can imagine and you just don't want to let go. So, basically, we look for art made for the sole purpose of Lasting An Eternity for the creator or for the humble viewers.

:bulletblue: You can apply to be a member. Contributors are chosen and invited by the Founder, PutYourBraveFaceOn ( :iconputyourbravefaceon: ) and the Co-Founder, Alligatorr (:iconalligatorr: ). Click on "Join our Group" button. It's sufficient to mention in your application that you wish to join our Group.

:bulletblue: Go to our Gallery and click on "Submit to this Gallery". This will display two options: "Submit a New Deviation..." and "Contribute an Existing Deviation...". After choosing what suits you best, select the folder named after the current month, your deviation and after that, click "Submit".

Another way to do this:

:bulletblue: Go to our Gallery and click on the "+" symbol found on the right side of the Folder named after the current month. This will display two options: "Submit a New Deviation..." and "Contribute an Existing Deviation...". Then all you'll have to do is to select one of those two options and follow a few easy steps.

:bulletblue: Only inspired and special art will be accepted. Don't be discouraged if one or two of your deviations aren't accepted.

:new: :bulletblue: You can submit up to 2 deviations per month ( PLEASE! Just send us your best artworks, not your whole gallery ).

:bulletblue: We accept deviations from all categories. Example: digital, photography, drawings, macro, literature etc. But, please, NO religious art or simple sketches ( the only exceptions are the sketches with depth ) .

:bulletblue: Yes, you can, by sending us a note, but only if that person is a member. Otherwise, you just can "Suggest a Fave".

:bulletblue: You can't do that simply because it's a special area. At the end of each month we are selecting a minimum of 30 representative artworks and choose them to be featured in this specific folder. It's like winning a contest and all you have to do is to have impressive artwork. :)

:bulletblue: Our number of members is increasing day by day. It is impossible now to answer to this question, to give you a particular reason, then browse your gallery and suggest to you other artworks that would fit better. Plus, we never got positive, constructive feedback when we used to give a reason, so our invested time and careful choice of words and opinions used to be in vain. All in all, you should be able to determine by yourself why a deviation made it and another didn't. ;)

:bulletblue: You can send us a note.

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